May 22, 2018

Hello beautiful people.

At long last, I am excited to present this new lady to you. She was a custom project for a weaver friend, Mel, with Weave & Let Be. She provided the hand-spun and beautifully hand-woven material as well as the challenge to create a unique mama and baby doll that could breastfeed, baby-wear, and the kicker: have wings. The photo above is the picture of the mate...

February 26, 2018

We are warriors. We can move mountains.

We didn't ask to put on this armor or take up sword and shield.

We didn't ask to struggle until the trauma became strength,

the wounds scarring over.

We didn't ask for nights when we wondered if it was our fault. 

We didn't ask for the panic attacks, the intense fear as though we were there again,

back in a place where something was taken from us.


January 29, 2018

Well hello you beautiful individual, you.

Did you know that there is an entire sect of art out there dedicated to the beauty of breastfeeding? 

I didn't either. At least, not until I was asked to make a breastfeeding doll: a request that may seem odd to some, but is actually super awesome. 

To be honest, this doll is one of my favorite pieces that I've had the pleasure to make. Sh...

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