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DIY Holiday House Coloring Craft

December 21, 2017



Happy holidays, lovelies! I hope that you are enjoying yourself wherever you may be.


Below is a pretty sweet (if I say so myself) and simple craft project for kiddos and adult kiddos, too. I cannot take full credit for the idea as it was a project I did from Taproot magazine a couple of years ago. I modified the design to my own liking, turned it into a coloring page, and now I'm presenting it to you for some craft-tacular time. 


Go ahead and click on the house template below to download and print your very own little house project. It will print on a normal 8.5x11" sheet of paper; you can also use cardstock for a house that's a bit more sturdy. Follow along with the video below to see how to put it all together!


The music from the video is available for download at the bottom of this page, arranged and played by my talented and lovely husband, Cory Faris. 






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