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Welcome to 2018 also dog pictures...

January 2, 2018



The New Year is upon us, friends.


I like to make a goal list for myself for the New Year: setting some positive intensions helps me look forward and keep a good attitude. I don't know about you, but I can become pretty pessimistic and cynical about life and other humans. I need reminders to help keep me above the clouds. 


My goals above are pretty broad, but they work for me. Some folks, like my husband, are more of SMART goal setters: they like to quantify. I say, to each their own. (Click here for a good explanation as to what SMART goals are and how to write them...they may just be your kind of thing.)


Below is a printable goal list for you to fill out and/or color in that I created...just-for-you because I love you a lot like a lot a lot a lot. Click on the image below to print it out. 


Much love and a very happy New Year to you. I look forward to sharing my art and pictures of my dogs with you in this great year to-be.


Welcome to 2018.


P.S. There are pictures of my dogs, Chewbella and Hana Solo, below. They are mega cute. You are super welcome.





















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