Call to Warriors

February 26, 2018


We are warriors. We can move mountains.

We didn't ask to put on this armor or take up sword and shield.

We didn't ask to struggle until the trauma became strength,

the wounds scarring over.

We didn't ask for nights when we wondered if it was our fault. 

We didn't ask for the panic attacks, the intense fear as though we were there again,

back in a place where something was taken from us.

We didn't ask for a soul that sometimes feels broken.

We didn't ask to be hurt.

But we are still here, and now,

We are warriors.

They tried to break us.

They tried to make us feel small.

They tried to take our power.

But we are still here.

Shoulder to shoulder, we stand in formation.

Our line will never be broken.

There are too many of us.

We are warriors. We can move mountains.

Try to get past us. 

We dare you.




Beautiful friends,


I'm putting together a series of warrior dolls for exhibition to represent and honor survivors of domestic and sexual violence, constructed out of cloth from the very warriors themselves. 


My call today is to all of the warriors out there that want to be part of this exhibit. 


If are a survivor of domestic and/or sexual violence, I ask that you send me a piece of fabric. It could be a piece of cloth from something meaningful to you, like an article of clothing. I will be constructing the dolls out of cloth from survivors, stitching together many stories, creating something beautiful and finding unity and strength from traumatic experiences. This request goes out to any and all survivors, whether they be women, men, or non-binary gendered folks. 


If you would like to participate and send me a piece of fabric, please contact me at for mailing address.


This exhibit will be a tribute to the overwhelming number of people who, like myself, had something taken from them. Alone we can find strength, but together we are a force to be reckoned with. We didn't ask to be warriors, but here we are. And we are fierce, beautiful, worthy, and damn: we look good in armor. 


Much love, and thank you.


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