The Warrior Project is a non-profit project where I create hand-made dolls, dressed and adorned as warriors, out of the clothing and fiber scraps of survivors of domestic violence and/or sexual assault. The idea is to create something beautiful and empowering while reclaiming innocence lost with something so childlike. I want to pay homage to my fellow survivor who isn't just a survivor, but a warrior: having to learn to live with that trauma, day in and day out, for the rest of our lives. The goal is to create an "army of empowerment" to exhibit across the country and spread awareness of domestic and sexual violence while also providing a space to hear, validate, and offer love to survivors of trauma. 

This project is in collaboration with my number one support, husband, and best friend, Cory. He designs and creates the weapons, shields, and chainmail garments that add that extra, awesome flare to the dolls. 

If you are a survivor of domestic violence and/or sexual assault and would like to donate clothing or fiber scraps to become a part of this exhibition, click here to contact me. 


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