Rosie M. Love is the professional artist behind The Warrior Doll Project. As a survivor of domestic and sexual violence, Rosie founded the project in 2018 following a mental health crisis and the discovery of healing through the creation of dolls. Rosie creates handmade dolls, dressed and adorned as warriors, out of the clothing and fiber scraps of survivors of domestic violence and/or sexual assault. The idea is to create something beautiful and empowering while reclaiming innocence lost with something childlike. Each doll created adds to the "army of empowerment," paying homage to survivors who aren't just survivors but warriors: having to learn to live with trauma day in and day out. Her goal is to one day exhibit her dolls across the country and spread awareness of domestic and sexual violence while also providing a space to hear, validate, and offer love to survivors of trauma. This project is created in collaboration with Rosie's husband, Cory Faris. He designs and creates the weapons, shields, and chainmail garments that add that extra, awesome flare to the dolls. 


Rosie has since developed this project to include a workshop that can be shared with fellow survivors in the hopes that they may also find healing and peace through the creation of their very own warrior doll. To see the warrior dolls created in workshops as well as those by Rosie, please check out the galleries below.  

If you are a survivor of domestic violence and/or sexual assault and would like to donate clothing or fiber scraps to become a part of this project, or you would like Rosie to teach a virtual warrior doll workshop, please click here to contact her.

The Warrior Doll Workshop: participant's dolls


The Warrior Doll Project gallery

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